Ways to Support Surviving Childhood Trauma

I am a healer, not a salesperson, so please understand this type of ask is outside of my comfort zone – but it is so necessary.

I am drawn to share my journey and the things that I am learning through experience as I heal. It is innate in me to dedicate my time to providing peer support to trauma survivors and relational healing through experience, it really is my calling.

The only way I can do that fully and without hindrance is with your support.

I know that my sharing means a lot to many of you and I will NEVER stop providing free content. Now I am simply asking you to level up your support with a small monthly contribution and in return I promise to be here daily, to share candidly, and to continue creating this safe space that we all deserve and desperately need.

2021 has exciting projects in store here at Surviving Childhood Trauma!!

As a monthly supporter you will get weekly LIVE survivor shows on my Instagram platform that are cross shared here, as well as topic discussion.

As an added benefit for top support tiers I will add you to my monthly “note from me” mailing list and Self-Care basket drawing (both optional if you chose to share your information).

I am grateful and I am humbled every day by the trust you all have in me. I will never take that for granted, and I am so appreciative to you if you become a monthly supporter.

** Become a Monthly Supporter **

If monthly contributions is not something you can commit to – please consider these other ways to support my work:

Give a one-time donation

Thank you for your support


Thank you for your support of me and for my work.



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