Day 1: Write a Letter of Intent

I have decided to join a 30 day writing challenge. Writing is so cathartic, so healing, and such a big piece of my trauma healing tool-kit that a writing challenge makes sense – so hear we go!

Day 1 Prompt – Write a Letter of Intent Regarding This Writing Challenge

I don’t know if this will be so much a letter – as an essay to myself about why I signed up for this challenge in the first place.

I have always wanted to be a writer, anyone who follows me on social media or reads my blog knows that. It is why I so naturally found this platform as a medium for expression and connection when I began my healing journey.

A couple days ago, I set an intention into motion when I clicked on a link and submitted to be a part of a 30-day writing challenge. A challenge focused on using writing as a catalyst for healing.

I love this kind of stuff, it is right up my alley. It helps me get the wheels spinning and my own thoughts prompted to reflect, to imagine, to process – 


I Want to Be a Participant This Time

So often I am the one who is thinking of the prompts, helping others to dig deeper within themselves – it is exciting to be the person joining in rather than leading. I don’t always want to lead, that gets so exhausting.

I am looking forward to being led through this month of writing with prompts and ideas from someone else’s head. I hope to connect with other survivors, to connect more with myself, and to explore my healing through writing as I find the answers to who I am and who I want to be.

I also hope this challenge will bring me back to this site. I am far more active on Instagram these days but this is where I started my healing journey and where I find immense amounts of comfort. 

I hope you will journey with me the next  30 days, who knows what I will be writing about next! 

To learn more about this writing challenge visit Rachel Havekost on Instagram – the Writing to Heal challenge is linked in her bio.


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