Day 2: If I Could Have My Dream Life

I have decided to join a 30 day writing challenge. Writing is so cathartic, so healing, and such a big piece of my healing tool-kit that a writing challenge makes sense – so hear we go!

Day 2 Prompt – Imagine what you want your life to be like in 10 years

I have imagined what I want my life to be so many different times in my life and every time was a little bit different than the last, always fitting to the stage I am at in my life.

The constants however have always been safety, security, partnership, and family. I have always imagined having everything as an adult that I didn’t have as a child. Funny how most of my life I didn’t realize that was the reason for my fantasies – not until my healing began.

Now my healing is as much a part of the life that I imagine for myself as all of the physical aspects that I want.

I Want A Homestead

I have spent most of my life struggling financially, always overworking myself, underpaid, and living check to check. I’ve never bought a home, in fact – I have moved so much it wasn’t until I was 21 that I settled into the city I reside in now and discovered my home.

I don’t have a 401K, I don’t have a lot of money in the bank and the possessions I do own aren’t worth much more than sentiment.

That’s why I want land. 

I want undeveloped, rugged land – 6 or more acres – plenty of space to build, grow, explore, and share if needed.

I want a garden, and a creek, I want trees to climb, and forested areas for exploring and hiking. I want to enjoy the wonders of nature on a piece of land that is my own. Something I can build with my husband and children and eventually leave them.

It is hard at my age to make a 10 year plan, I don’t feel like I have time to waste, so I have shortened mine to 5 years because the time to live is now – so my hubby and I have already begun trying to making this dream a reality as we search for land in our state to meet the dreams that we have.


Tiny Living is in My Future

When we finally get the land that we want I want to build our home small. My husband and I have evolved and imagined a schoolie, a tiny home, RV life, and finally we have decided a multi-container container home is the best fit for us.

We have been designing how the three or four containers will connect for a year or so now, researching and learning all we can to see see how much we can build ourselves vs with a contractor.

I also want guest containers and I want enough land that my sister and children can have their own areas and we can all still have our own space.

A Coffee Shop, a Campground, or Both?

My husband and I have talked often about this new world we live and the reality of comfortable retirement. Neither of us believe it is something we will one day have.

So I have often talked about retiring into a coffee shop.

With our dreams of owning land, we have played with the idea of turning some of our land into a campground for tents, Rvs, and winter sports. Then I saw this amazing idea for a Coffee [food] cart on pinterest and my brain immediately mashed the two together. 

I’d love to own my land and a small coffee cart that will be open Thursday – Sunday for campers on the grounds.

Peer & Advocacy Work is Here to Stay

Now that I have found this work, I will never stop. My own healing journey has been amazing, but to find a space for my healing to become a catalyst to connect with and help other survivors heal has leveled up my recovery game in major ways.

My peer groups, my workshops, my daily content (on Instagram) and the Survivors Speak LIVE show are forever embedded into the future that I see for myself.

When you find your calling, like I have here – it doesn’t go away, it isn’t something I will retire from one day – I will always be a wounded healer.


Daily Healing & Growth

Ultimately, I want to become an expert at my own healing. I want to continue growing and discovering who I am. I want to guide my children and watch them grown and discover themselves. I want to connect and grow old with my husband. I want to live the rest of my days present and aware, enjoying all the happy moments and learning from the hard ones.

I don’t want to miss any more time.


That is where I see myself in 10 years, that is my dream. I’ll keep you posted as it plays out because this is a dream I fully intend to manifest! I hope you will journey with me the next  30 days, who knows what I will be writing about next! 

To learn more about this writing challenge visit Rachel Havekost on Instagram for the link in her bio to the Writing to Heal: 30-day Writing Challenge

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