Day 5: Hobbies Are Synonymous With Self-Care

I have decided to join a 30 day writing challenge. Writing is so cathartic, so healing, and such a big piece of my healing tool-kit that a writing challenge makes sense – so here we go!

It Almost Didn’t Happen

I have fought writing today with everything in me. Not because of the topic, but because of my lack of energy. I just don’t want to write. But I made a commitment to myself.

Granted, I did tell a fellow survivor in a DM earlier not be hard on herself for not writing (she is participating in this same challenge). This challenge is supposed to be fun, not hard work that makes us feel like failures.

Today though, I am digging deep – I need to be intentional right now or I’m heading for a low place.


Day 5 – All About Hobbies

Today I have been prompted to reflect on my hobbies: past, present, and potential future. Without even realizing it, I have had different hobbies throughout most of my adult life. All of them playing a part in my ability to create, learn, and distract.

Now, my hobbies also help me rest and recharge. 

I could go into a long shpeal about how important self care is for us trauma survivors, or how hard it is to develop the habit because we often don’t know where to start. But I feel like you already know that, and you’d probably rather have a suggestion to fix it.

Sorry, no easy answers here, I am still practicing myself – but I have learned that if I amintentional about self-care without over thinking it – hobbies happen.

Hobbies of Days Past (and some present too)

Here is a list of the prominent activities I used to do, and a couple that I still do:

  • Reading (still do)
  • Writing (still do)
  • Word Puzzles – I need to do those again
  • Crocheting – I have SO much yarn packed up in my garage
  • Card making / Paper crafting
  • Community Organizing / Political Volunteer work

Support Surviving Childhood Trauma

Today’s Self-Care Choices

These are the things you will likely find me doing these days when I need time away from work and responsibility:

  • Reading (prefer fiction: historical and fantasy)
  • Writing
  • A couple specific games on my tablet
  • Diamond Painting
  • Peer Support/Volunteer Work

Skills I am Interested in Integrating into my Life

Finally, here are the things that take more energy than I currently have – but I really want to start exploring:

  • Word Puzzles again (LOVE them)
  • Gardening
  • A habit that includes outdoor activities: maybe bicycle riding

That Wasn’t So Hard

Well there it is, I took the prompt and I wrote it out. Not going to overthink it, but I am going to go downstairs and get one of my puzzle books that is neatly put away in my desk! Maybe I’ll start cruising the FB marketplace for a bicycle too.

What are some hobbies you currently have and love, or would like to do?
Drop them below in the comments!

To learn more about this writing challenge visit Rachel Havekost on Instagram and there is a link in her bio to the Writing to Heal: 30-day Writing Challenge.

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