Introducing the Journaler’s Membership w/ Surviving Childhood Trauma

Anyone who has been following my healing journey here or on Instagram know how much I appreciate journaling as a tool for trauma healing.

It is my #1 go-to when I first begin to process anything.

My journal is a place that holds the memories of my experiences when my brain wants to try and forget. It is a record of my behaviors so that I can reflect and realize behavioral patterns, and it is the holder of all of my successes and struggles in my own handwriting.

Journaling is psychologically beneficial, and it is cathartic in it’s own right when it comes time for a brain dump on paper.

Journaling is something that I recommend all survivors try at least once.

A New Membership for Writers

I am so excited to announce my new Journaler’s Membership which is tailored for those who are drawn to journaling and who want to explore it more. This membership comes with my promise to do everything I can to make journaling a beneficial and efficient tool in your healing tool kit.

And it comes loaded with value!

As a monthly member you will receive 4 weekly e-Journals (pdf documents) with prompts to move you through your journaling journey during the week. With plenty of writing space, and extra pages for free writing, you can’t beat these ready-made aides for your journaling routine.

As a monthly member you are invited to join me and other Journaling members once a month on Zoom to talk journaling, to review prompts, and to connect with others.

Finally, as a monthly member you will receive 15% off ALL journaling workshops hosted by Surviving Childhood Trauma.

How It Works

It’s easy breezy.

You will receive an email with your e-Journal every Sunday; you will receive your first e-journal the Sunday following your sign up.

The Journaler’s Zoom Group gathering is the 2nd Saturday of every Month from 12:30pm-1:30pm central time. You will receive an email with sign information the morning of the group session, so mark your calendar!

Finally, you will receive first dibs and 15% off of all journaling workshops hosted by Surviving Childhood Trauma.

Sign Up Now!!

Sign up is easy! Sign up by clicking the button below

Please enjoy this FREE e-journal download and get a taste of what is to come!

Connecting with Others Around Common Interests

My hope with this new membership is to build a community of survivors who love to journal and help all facilitate your connections with each other. We cannot heal alone, and so, survivor friends are a great place to start.

I look forward to connecting with you every month!!

Happy Writing

Upcoming Workshop Saturday Oct. 9th at 11am Central: Writing Through a Trigger – CLICK HERE to Register or
Sign Up for your monthly Journaler’s membership and receive your special link with 15% off via your sign-up email.


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