Weekly Journaling Prompts #5

Hi Friends 

Journaling is  such an important part of my self-care and healing process that it made sense to me to share prompts with you to try and inspire you to write more. 

Journaling can be a very powerful tool in the healing process when it is done correctly and with focused intention. That is why for trauma survivors journaling prompts are so important. Too often, we can get lost in the weeds of our trauma when we free hand our writing (not that you can’t benefit from an occasional trauma dump into your journal) but with the help of prompts we can focus our thoughts and create a resource for reflection and data collection as you heal your wounds.

How Does This Work?

Take the following prompts and write each one at the top of the page in your journal for each day of the coming week beginning today. When you sit down to journal, remember to reflect on what you have already written to this point, and then write only about the prompt for the day.

This helps keep your thoughts focused as you process and unpack whatever the prompt manifests for you.

I hope this helps you create a seamless and beneficial practice for self-care and healing.


7 Days of Writing Prompts

This week we are taking a journey into emotional responses and reactions with gentle exploration and curiosity. Reflecting on these types of behavioral responses is one way we learn to recognize our triggers and where they come from. Happy Writing!

Sunday Prompt

Write about a situation that you were certain would completely overwhelm you, but didn’t. How did you think it would play out, and how did you actually handle the situation. What did you learn about yourself and your healing?

Monday Prompt

When was the last time you did something that you were afraid to do? What was it and how did you help yourself through this situation? Or, what is something you want to do that fear is stopping you from doing? What are you afraid of?

Tuesday Prompt

Write about a challenging situation that you faced today. What emotions came up and what was your initial response? How do you feel about the situation now? Has your perspective changed at all as you reflect?

Wednesday Prompt

When was the last time you felt underappreciated? Write about the situation: who was involved, where did it happen, how did you feel, how did you respond? Now try to remember a time in your childhood when you felt similar, write about any connections you make.

Thursday Prompt

How do you react initially when provoked? Do you get defensive, loud, and want to fight back? Do you withdraw, become silent, and want to retreat? Do you adjust yourself in order to avoid conflict? There are no wrong answers, explore your reactions with honest curiosity.

Friday Prompt

What is something that you have always avoided or disliked that you now are beginning to appreciate? How does this relate to your healing and how you are changing as a person?

Saturday Prompt

What do your personal boundaries look like regarding your time for you personally, for healing, for work, for rest, and for connection? Do you have clear rules in place for yourself? If not, what would they look like if you did?

Bonus Prompt

What do you think and feel about the idea of “doing nothing”? Do you think this is a valuable use of time? How might this relate to healing and recovery?

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Wishing you strength as you heal, and happy writing.


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  1. These are good prompts, thank you!

    Today I did something that I was scared to do. I told my mom that I applied to an internship in a field that I don’t think she expects me to work in. I think I helped myself through the situation by being objective and telling her my factual plans, and asking her what she thought of it. It also helped that I had talked to my friend about it first.

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