Weekly Journal Prompts #6

Hi Friends!

Writing/journaling is  such an important part of my self-care and healing process that it made sense to me to share prompts with you to try and inspire you to write more. 

Journaling can be a very powerful tool in the healing process when it is done correctly and with focused intention. That is why for trauma survivors journaling prompts are so important. Too often, we can get lost in the weeds of our trauma when we free hand our writing (not that you can’t benefit from an occasional trauma dump into your journal) but with the help of prompts we can focus our thoughts and create a resource for reflection and data collection as you heal your wounds.

How Does This Work?

Take the following prompts and write each one at the top of the page in your journal for each day of the coming week beginning today. When you sit down to journal, remember to reflect on what you have already written to this point, and then write only about the prompt for the day.

This helps keep your thoughts focused as you process and unpack whatever the prompt manifests for you.

I hope this helps you create a seamless and beneficial practice for self-care and healing.


7 Days of Writing Prompts

This week your prompts will have you touching on a couple topics that may seem new, perhaps even unusual to focus on for healing – but I believe you will find yourself quite surprised at how everything connects. This weeks prompts will have you exploring your relationship with money, technology, words, and childhood movies.

Enjoy your journey!

Sunday Prompt

What are your feelings toward money? Do you believe that the way you view and interact with money is due to your childhood? If so, in what ways? Explore.

Monday Prompt

When it comes to money, do you spend or do you save? If you spend: what do you normally spend on, how do you feel after spending, and how does it affect your lifestyle? If you save: do you save for something specific or is there a fear that needs to be explored? Do you deny yourself anything in order to save? How does saving affect your lifestyle?

Tuesday Prompt

Were you aware of “grown-up” financial situations and status as a child? When you think of your parents and what you learned about money as a child – what comes to mind? Be detailed about experiences, memories, and emotions.

Wednesday Prompt

Social Media has connected all of us in so many ways, it has also provided a method of distraction.. Write about one positive side effect of social media on your life, and one side effect that causes you consequence.

Thursday Prompt

What applications on your phone help you with healing and with living your best life, and what applications drain your energy and time? What do your personal boundaries look like when interacting on these applications or, what should they look like?

Friday Prompt

Is there a word or phrase used in the trauma healing community that you believe is over used or just doesn’t land well with you? In contrast, is there a word or phrase that you completely resonate with? What emotions do you feel when you see the word or phrase? Explore both.

Saturday Prompt

What was the last great conversation you had about? Write about it in detail: who was it with, where did it happen, and how did it make you feel?

Bonus Prompt

What was your favorite movie as a child? Reflect on the movie and the characters and then write about any connections you make regarding the movie and your childhood experiences. How did you relate to the characters?

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