Weekly Journal Prompts #9

Hi Friends 

Writing/journaling is such an important part of my self-care and healing process that it made sense to me to share prompts with you to try and inspire you to write more. 

Journaling can be a very powerful tool in the healing process when it is done correctly and with focused intention. That is why for trauma survivors journaling prompts are so important. Too often, we can get lost in the weeds of our trauma when we free hand our writing (not that you can’t benefit from an occasional trauma dump into your journal) but with the help of prompts we can focus our thoughts and create a resource for reflection and data collection as you heal your wounds.

How Does This Work?

Take the following prompts and write each one at the top of the page in your journal for each day of the coming week beginning today. When you sit down to journal, remember to reflect on what you have already written to this point, and then write only about the prompt for the day.

This helps keep your thoughts focused as you process and unpack whatever the prompt manifests for you.

I hope this helps you create a seamless and beneficial practice for self-care and healing.


7 Days of Writing Prompts

Let’s do some inner child journaling this week. Each day as you sit to write, make sure you have objects that bring comfort and a plan for self-care should you become emotionally overwhelmed. This type of inner work can be difficult sometimes. Remember, it is okay to stop writing and to take a break to comfort yourself.

Sunday Prompt

Think back to childhood: what are some of the activities that you loved to do as a child either solo or with a group? List them out and write about why you loved them. How did they make you feel as a child?

Monday Prompt

Today reread what you wrote yesterday. Do you still do any of these activities? List the ones that you still do, and then write about the reasons why you have stopped doing the others. Are there activities you still would like to do?

Tuesday Prompt

Who did you look up to as a child? Fictional or in real life. Write about why they were a hero to you. What characteristics did they have that you loved the most?

Wednesday Prompt

As a child who was most harmful and frightening to you as a child? How do you feel about them now?

Thursday Prompt

Write about a pivotal experience in childhood that you know changed your perception of yourself and your surroundings. What negative beliefs manifested from this experience and how can you show up for yourself now as you reparent and unlearn these beliefs of self?

Friday Prompt

Write about an experience when you believe you were dismissed or silences as a child. Now as an adult, write a letter to the person who made you feel this way and show up for your younger self now. What do you have to say to them?

Saturday Prompt

Make a list of three things you can do to you show up for your inner child with love and acceptance and then set an intention in writing to help you achieve this connection with you self.

Bonus Prompt

Sit with yourself for a few minutes and think about how you were as a child and how you are now as an adult. In what ways do you believe your inner child’s wounds still affect you today?

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