Weekly Journal Prompts #10

Hi Friends 

Writing/journaling is  such an important part of my self-care and healing process that it made sense to me to share prompts with you to try and inspire you to write more. 

Journaling can be a very powerful tool in the healing process when it is done correctly and with focused intention. That is why for trauma survivors journaling prompts are so important. Too often, we can get lost in the weeds of our trauma when we free hand our writing (not that you can’t benefit from an occasional trauma dump into your journal) but with the help of prompts we can focus our thoughts and create a resource for reflection and data collection as you heal your wounds.

How This Works?

Take the following prompts and write each one at the top of the page in your journal for each day of the coming week beginning today. When you sit down to journal, remember to reflect on what you have already written to this point, and then write only about the prompt for the day.

This helps keep your thoughts focused as you process and unpack whatever the prompt manifests for you.

I hope this helps you create a seamless and beneficial practice for self-care and healing.

7 Days of Writing Prompts

This week will be a gentle journey with Self. You will explore aspects of yourself and how you view yourself in perspective to the world around you.

Sunday Prompt

List three qualities about yourself that you are proud of, even if it is difficult to admit or say out loud. Next to each quality write about why you are proud of this quality within yourself. How do you believe it benefits you in your interactions with others?

Monday Prompt

Write about a time when someone thanked you for being there for them. What was the situation, what need did you help them meet? Are there similar situations in your life where you can show up for yourself the same way? Write about it, what would it look like.

Tuesday Prompt

Who is the safest person in your life? What qualities do they have that you appreciate most and how do you feel when you are around them? What does your body feel? What do your thoughts say to you? Do you feel the same safety within yourself? Why or why not? Explore.

Wednesday Prompt

When was the last time you laughed fully and genuinely? Who was there, what was the situation, and how does it make you feel as you reflect? What are a couple ways you can continue to bring this level of laughter into your life?

Thursday Prompt

Write a poem or prose about yourself but describe yourself as the opposite or who you are. Once done reflect on your writing and explore for areas that feel wounded and /or protective. Are you defensive of this opposite viewpoint of yourself or are you accepting? Explore.

Friday Prompt

Write about a decision you made as you prioritize your healing and recovery that felt or still feels difficult. Write an affirmation of why you made the decision you did and how it has benefited you. Further exploration: reflect on the negative beliefs you are feeling about yourself regarding this decision and see if you can make connections to childhood experiences/wounds.

Saturday Prompt

Write an honest list of all of your coping practices and behaviors. Which ones benefit you and which ones cause consequence? What are ways you can redirect behaviors and strategies that don’t serve you so that you can act as your True Self?

Bonus Prompt

Write about a compliment that you receive often and that makes you feel uncomfortable? What is said and where does the discomfort show up in your body? What do your thoughts sound like in this discomfort? Reflect: when have you felt this way in childhood?

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Wishing you strength as you heal, and happy writing.


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