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In recent weeks I have had a few curve balls thrown at me as I deal with the fallout from one of the remaining family members on my abuser’s side who doesn’t like how I share my story.

It is quite ironic (even textbook) that the social media post that sparked his public outcry was my post about sharing our stories as survivors. Under a caption about my experiences as a child being actively silenced my estranged uncle decided that was the time to tell me (and my followers) about “the other side of the story, and of me” – his words, not mine.

My response was a mixture of fight and flight. Flashbacks hit my mind, my body, and my emotions. I was in full trigger mode for a couple hours as my behavior became erratic and inconsistent. It took me a couple hours to fully become aware, present, and able to feel my feet fully on the ground again.

I imagine many of you reading will understand this feeling that I am talking about.

Now, as I am faced with processing the wounds that have been unearthed through this experience I am aware of the importance of support as I heal. My wounds are due to abandonment and unhealthy attachment. I can’t tend to these types of wounds without safe people and healthy relationships to help me as I work through and heal negative thinking and dysregulated emotions.

As this community has grown here at Surviving Childhood Trauma I am reminded daily of the magical healing power of connections with others who understand the challenges of healing the effects of childhood trauma and abuse.


The Connection With Others

As a peer, an advocate, and a healing guide, it is my unwavering goal to provide ways for survivors to connect in safe spaces for healing tailored to what they need in that moment. 

It is my goal to shine a light on the reality of how messy this healing journey can be so that survivors have a place to find comfort in mutual experiences, and perspective for their own journey. We don’t have to do this alone.

It is my goal to provide a safe platform to those who want to share their story and speak their truth to all who will listen. We deserve a space to share our stories, our struggles, our triumphs, and our healing without a filter.

It is my goal to provide tools and resources to help aid in your healing and recovery.

Resources, Groups, & Programs

Here are the few programs and groups that I offer to help survivors connect with each other.

Online Peer Support Group

In the Survivor’s Circle Peer Support group, join other survivors of childhood trauma and abuse in a safe space to talk, share, listen, and support each other. 

1:1 Peer Support & Guidance

In these 40 minutes sessions, I will meet you where you are and help you talk out whatever you are going through. These sessions are great for in-between therapy appointments as additional space for processing with a peer who understands the complexities of trauma healing. Or, if something overwhelming has happened, drop in and get some support right now.

The Journaler’s Nook

Journaling is a powerful tool for trauma healing and recovery.  Writing/journaling is a way to process, to vent, to reflect on previous behaviors, and to capture a record of the details of your journey. In the Journaler’s Nook find a safe, quiet space, with other survivors dedicated solely to journaling.

In these 60 minute online sessions I will provide prompts to take you on a focused journaling journey and plenty of time for writing. Dedicate time with intention, meet other survivors, and level up your self-care.

Developing a Lasting Self-Care Plan

A culmination of my years of trial and error with creating a consistent self-care plan that worked for me. In a culture of “do this, or do that” if you want to heal and feel better, it can be defeating when the methods all over social media don’t work like you expected. 

Join me Nov 13th for a 90 minute online class and I will share with you crisis mode coping skills, tips for learning to self-soothe, and then I will equip you with the understanding and tools to create a self-care plan for yourself that works and has lasting power.

Survivors Speak 

The Survivors Speak Series is a platform that originated on the Surviving Childhood Trauma website and evolved into a livestream show on my Instagram. Survivors Speak is about amplifying Survivor Voices by providing a safe space for trauma and abuse survivors to share their stories, to talk about the realities of Complex PTSD, and to talk about what healing has looked and felt like for them.

Final Thoughts

As Surviving Childhood Trauma grows, I realize every day that I am finally manifesting my childhood dreams. I have known since I was young that I am supposed to be a peacekeeper, a healer, and a leader. Those skills have always come naturally to me.

I am also fierce, fiery, and unapologetic when the cause is just and I will not back down in the face of injustice. We survivors deserve the space to heal and become the best versions of who we are.

It is my continued honor to connect with you, to be a guide, and to aid you as you heal. You deserve to be supported through this process and celebrated for staying committed to the work.

I see you and I applaud you!!


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