On the Journey: A Peer Support Experience

March 7th – April 9th, 2022
Healing Through Connection & Peer Support

The January session was received so well – I have schedule another one!

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There are no maps for how trauma healing is supposed to go, and very often what we believe the process will be like is quite different from what the journey is actually like.

That is why I am here!

As a Survivor and Advocate it is my purpose and my passion to be your guide.

In this 5 week Peer Support Program I am going to walk with you into the fire of the beginning stages and help you make sense of the foundational parts of healing. It may be overwhelming, but it is also empowering!!

Once you get your feet under you, no one will be able to stop your healing, and you deserve to heal!!

Who is This Program For?

The internet is hardly in short supply of coaching and mentoring programs designed to help you be your best Self. 

What sets this program apart from the rest is that I have designed this program specifically for Childhood Trauma Survivors who are in the beginning stages of the healing journey or who feel stuck and unable to move forward. It isn’t easy making sense of what to do next or how to even do this healing work at all.

This program was created with the idea of relational healing and connection, validation of the process, and help walking through the most intense part of the healing journey. No words can truly describe the initially onslaught of healing when everything comes crashing to the forefront.

You are learning the language of trauma, you are trying to understand how it impacts you, you are more aware of your triggers, you are starting to see a history of behavioral patterns, and you feel ill equipped to make it through. 

I get it!!

You don’t have to do this alone – join me and 11 of your peers on this 5 week “On The Journey” Peer Experience and we will walk through it together!

The Program 

This 5 week, closed group, peer program is an intensive deep dive into the beginning stages of healing to help you find your footing in the chaos being tossed at you by therapists, self-help books, podcasts, online influencers and more. Because this work is so intense and important, this program will only accept 10 survivors to keep the group sessions small, and safe for everyone.

Cost: $239.00

What You Get

  • Weekly emails with topic details, worksheets, healing assignments, and journaling prompts
  • (5) 90 minute online peer support sessions to connect with others and to discuss in more detail the weekly subject and assignment, Saturdays at 11-12:30pm central time
  • (3) 45 minute individual 1:1 peer support sessions with me during weeks 1, 3, 5 to help aid you through this process.

“On The Journey” Weekly Topics

Week 1: A Safe Space

This week is focused on the importance of creating a visualized safe space for healing. We will also have our first 1:1 so that we can begin to build a safe space within our partnership together in this program, and finally to begin the connection with the other survivors in this group

Week 2: The Initial Overwhelm

There is no getting around the fact that the first couple years of trauma healing are intense and overwhelming. You are working through a lifetime of disconnection with a new level of awareness that holds no punches. This week you will focus on identifying your emotions and work on creating a plan for successfully coping with your emotions in the moment as you move through your healing.

Week 3: Triggers & The Nervous System

During this week you will focus on recognizing how your body feels when it is activated  while we work together to identify your biggest trigger responses. Through this work you will gain insight into how your trauma impacts you, you will identify core wounds, and you will develop the confidence in yourself to begin catching your triggers and redirect yourself. You will also have a 1:1 session.

Week 4: Boundaries

Boundaries are difficult after childhood trauma. No one taught you what they were, how to communicate them, or that they are your right to have. This week you will explore the different types of boundaries ther e are, what they sound like when you set them, and how to cope with the discomfort that comes from learning this new skill.

Week 5: A Proper Self-Care Plan

In this final week of the On The Journey Peer Program I will help you reframe how you view self-care so that you can create a plan that not only works for you as you heal, but that has lasting power when the going gets tough. You will have your last 1:1 session this week to answer any final questions and to help you confidently leave the program.

Cost: $239.00

How To Participate

If you are interested in being 1 of 12 survivors selected to participate in this one of a kind program for Childhood Trauma Survivors register below and secure your seat before they fill.

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Invest In Your Healing

You deserve this. You deserve the help, the resources, and the intentional time set aside to focus on your healing. You also deserve the connection to others so you feel a little less alone!

Be sure to fill out the short form above and secure your seat as soon as you can, there are only 10 spaces available. I cannot wait to connect with you!!

Refund Policy

This peer experience is the intellectual property of Shanon and Surviving Childhood Trauma. Once your seat has been reserved, there is not guarantee it will be filled if you choose to vacate it before the program begins. Refunds are not offered after purchase.

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