Let’s Journey Together! Final Weekend To Register

Trauma healing is messy, it is confusing, and you will quickly learn that you are tasked with doing the work alone. It has to be done alone. Healing is about discovering who you are and learning to connect to yourself, and that is a lonely business at our age and with our developmental traumas.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have company on the journey; someone who understands the personal struggles and the challenges of the hard work that you are doing, alone. Or that connecting with others won’t help you find easier ways, and a little bit more grace for yourself.

There is something powerful is the space that survivors can create for each other through shared experiences, and it makes the work we do by ourselves a little less heavy.

A Small Group Experience

On The Journey: A Five-Week Peer Support Experience
May 2nd – June 4th, 2022

Join me and a small group of survivors beginning Monday, May 2nd for a five-week topic focused journey through healing. Packed with information, healing practices & exercises , resources, and journaling prompts all supported by me in individual 1:1 sessions and weekly group meetings.

This semi self-paced experience will provide you with the tools and encouragement to try a number of ways to work with and heal you childhood wounds. You will focus on integrating somatic healing with intellectual understanding of how trauma affects the body. 

What You Get

  • Five weekly emails packed with information, videos, healing practices and tools, somatic exercises, and journaling prompts
  • (3) individual 1:1 support sessions with me
  • (5) weekly peer support group sessions with a small group of survivors

Weekly Topics

Week 1 – A Safe Space
Week 2 – Coping with Emotional Overwhelm
Week 3 – Triggers & The Nervous System
Week 4 – Boundaries
Week 5 – Self-Care

Weekly 90 minute Groups Meetings on Saturdays at 11am central standard time beginning Saturday May 7th, 2022 / 1:1s scheduled individually at the time of registration

Don’t miss this last opportunity to join the third session of the On The Journey Five-Week Peer Support Experience. You deserve to heal and I am here to support you!

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