Unpacking the “I Feel Powerless” Trigger

Every so often I go LIVE on Instagram with fellow survivors and we get candid about different areas of childhood trauma healing and recovery. If you aren’t following me there, be sure to check out my page. You will get a day to day look at my healing journey.

In this episode listen along as Liz from @thefemmegenius and I get candid about feeling Powerless and how that trigger can manifest.

Does it make you lash out in anger? Or do you withdraw, disconnect? Maybe you begin to people please? Anything to give you a sense of control.

As childhood trauma survivors who have worked through feelings of powerlessness a few times, we take on this top head first and unpack how it feels, how it manifests , where it comes from, and ways to counter it.

Watch now.

Wishing you everything you need as you heal
On goes the journey.

Additional Resources at Surviving Childhood Trauma


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