A Vision Comes to Life

Get Your Own Limited Edition T-Shirt

I recently partnered with Bonfire who took my mantra and my vision and turned it into an amazing t-shirt that I can share with all of you. 

Celebrate the journey with me – get your own On Goes the Journey limited edition t-shirt while they are still available.

Sales Ends June 15th, 2022.

Why “On Goes The Journey”?

I still remember how viscerally I felt it when I realized that trauma healing and recovery is a daily choice that I have to make each day. It is not a final destination that I will one day reach and move past.

For me, that was probably the hardest part to accept in the early days of my healing journey because it felt like confirmation that my childhood abuse had affected me after all.

As I heal, I have reframed that thought process and I have turned my journey into my mantra. Now the journey is mine and I embrace it.

I am worthy of healing, I deserve to heal.
So do you.

Attend a session and experience the magical healing that happens when survivors connect and support each other through shit only we can understand.

Survivor’s Circle Peer Support Groups meet on alternating Wednesdays and Fridays via Zoom.

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