The Power of Survivor Connection

A quick share from the Surviving Childhood Trauma Instagram Page

If there is every a message I want to get across, it is that you are not alone, that you do not have to heal alone!

A Commitment to My Process

I’ve been committed to actively healing my childhood wounds with awareness for about 6 years now.

For the first three years I went to therapy twice a week, wrote on my blog, and tried my hardest to move through life as I found my footing and adjusted to living with Complex PTSD.

I made a lot of progress in those first three years …

But when I came to social media in the beginning of 2020, when this community of survivors began to grow and I started to connect with all of you here and in my support groups, I realized how powerful this type of connection really was for me, and in turn for you.

When I started connecting with others who had shared lived experiences, my healing leveled up in ways that words will do no justice too.

There is something very special in the understanding another childhood trauma survivor can offer.

The Magical Power of Survivor Connections

Our stories are powerful.

When we share our storied, they help heal others who are listening. They help us heal as we hear our own voices, as we are received safely and supported in our own healing journeys.

You are not alone on this journey and so, you don’t have to heal alone.

That is why I share, because I want you to know you aren’t alone and because sharing and connecting also helps me heal too.

That is also why I became a certified peer specialist and why I facilitate support groups online specific to childhood trauma survivors.

I deserve the support that I am getting as I unpack my childhood abuse and untangle it from who I truly am – you deserve support too!

You are not alone.

Healing is possible.

Thriving is possible.

Bad days still happen, but you don’t have to go through them alone.

I see you and I am walking with you!

On goes the journey

Looking for Ways to Connect With Other Survivors and/or Receive Support as You Heal?

Survivor’s Circle Peer Support Groups might be just what you need. 

These small groups meet on alternating Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays via Zoom. In these groups, survivors connect, share, and support each other through the ebbs and flows of healing. Attend a session and experience the magical healing that happens when survivors connect and support each other through shit only we can understand.

You can also book individual 1:1 peer support sessions with Shanon for private support in a closed space. You deserve support as you heal, and I am here to help. You don’t have to heal alone.

I am a trauma informed, trained, and Certified Peer Support Specialist in the state of Wisconsin. I am also a survivor with years committed to my own trauma healing after being diagnosed with (C) PTSD due to childhood abuse. Additionally, I have a professional and personal history of community facilitation and peer work.

I specialize in helping survivors like you make connections between real time experiences and past trauma wounds, identify and communicate boundaries, create self-care plans that work, navigate big emotions and trauma responses, reparent your inner child, and embody your own self-worth through the healing process with confidence and personal empowerment.

These support groups and 1:1 peer support sessions should not replace professional therapy; they will however provide additional support and information.


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