Healing Teaches Hard Lessons

Childhood abuse etched a belief system into me, it downloaded a voice into my brain – both determined to convince me I am not good enough, not worthy, and that I need to abandon myself in order to be safe.

All my life I’ve let others have their way with my emotions, so long as they don’t leave me. It’s comfortable there, I have a sense of control – at least I can continue trying to be “better” and to “do better”.

The Lessons

Healing is teaching me that I know my truth and that the voices in my head that tries to beat me down don’t belong to me.

Healing is teaching me that I am worthy, good enough, and don’t have anything to prove to anyone but myself.

Healing is teaching me to protect my space, my boundaries, and to not allow people who make me feel bad about myself access to my vulnerability.


The Learning Curve

I am learning that the moments when I feel like I need to explain myself the most are the moments when I need to instead drop into myself and affirm my own truth.

If someone is not interested in hearing what I am saying, it doesn’t matter how much I explain, or reword my feelings or needs – they will not receive it.

I am learning that I can stand strong in my truth, in my healing, and in the changes that I am making within myself. I can cope with the grief of loss, and the discomfort of boundaries. I don’t need approval or validation from others to know that I am healing.

I know my truth, I know my worth, and I know my journey. I will not allow someone else’s narrative of me to be the truth that I carry. I will not assume the shame that others throw at me when it is not my shame to hold.

I am learning to trust myself!

I hope you learn to trust yourself too.

Looking for Ways to Connect With Other Survivors and/or Receive Support as You Heal?

Survivor’s Circle Peer Support Groups might be just what you need. 

These small groups meet on alternating Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays via Zoom. In these groups, survivors connect, share, and support each other through the ebbs and flows of healing. Attend a session and experience the magical healing that happens when survivors connect and support each other through shit only we can understand.

You can also book individual 1:1 peer support sessions with Shanon for private support in a closed space. You deserve support as you heal, and I am here to help. You don’t have to heal alone.

On the Journey Peer Support Monthly Package

As a part of this monthly support program you will gain access to all Survivor’s Circle Peer Support group support sessions every month as well as individual 1:1 peer support sessions with Shanon each month. 

I am a trauma informed, trained, and Certified Peer Support Specialist in the state of Wisconsin. I am also a survivor with years committed to my own trauma healing after being diagnosed with (C) PTSD due to childhood abuse. Additionally, I have a professional and personal history of community facilitation and peer work.

I specialize in helping survivors like you make connections between real time experiences and past trauma wounds, identify and communicate boundaries, create self-care plans that work, navigate big emotions and trauma responses, reparent your inner child, and embody your own self-worth through the healing process with confidence and personal empowerment.

These support groups and 1:1 peer support sessions should not replace professional therapy; they will however provide additional support and information.

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