Healing Is Hard Work

Thoughts Over Coffee ☕️ with Shanon from Surviving Childhood Trauma

I feel like I have reached a pivotal moment in my healing journey – the true test of radical acceptance. The moment when I face off, again, with the work that goes into my trauma healing and the pain that is released in the process.

As I sat in therapy frustrated and defeated by the recent and constant pull of my childhood triggers, my therapist tried repeatedly to remind me of the benefits of my healing journey.

But I wasn’t hearing it. I didn’t feel like looking for the silver lining, or recognizing the good things that have come from all of my healing work.

I Want Off This Ride

Instead I was consumed by the overwhelming feeling of resignation as I looked back over the month of April and all the triggers that I (still) couldn’t quite get ahead of. 😮‍💨

The lady at the bank that I laid into, the woman at the hotel that I raised my voice to, the mechanic I called back and threatened to take my business elsewhere, and the picking and poking that I have done with my own family. 🙈

All situations where I felt devalued, minimized, and/or powerless. A trigger I know very well – and one that I still can’t seem to fully get ahead of. 

It is so tiring, so messy, so confusing – and SO fucking unfair!!! 

So I sat in therapy and cried about how desperately I wish I could just pack it all back up in my head and turn it off. Awareness of my emotions and responses is difficult, I am tired of coping, I just want to turn it off.

But I know that isn’t the answer, I am too aware to turn back now.


Reminding Myself

So I will do my best to remember how my relationships and personal boundaries are more healthy, how I am more empowered to advocate for myself, and how close and connected I am becoming with my children now that I am present and have the capacity to really show up for them.

I will remember that emotions flare, and that despite the narrative I am telling myself, I do regulate my emotional triggers better than I would have a year ago, even if I still wish I had done things differently.

The only way out is through. 💪🏻

On goes the journey ❤️‍🩹🔥

Looking for Ways to Connect With Other Survivors and/or Receive Support as You Heal?

Survivor’s Circle Peer Support Groups might be just what you need. 

These small groups meet on alternating days of the week via Zoom. In these groups, survivors connect, share, and support each other through the ebbs and flows of healing. Attend a session and experience the magical healing that happens when survivors connect and support each other through shit only we can understand.

You can also book individual 1:1 peer support sessions with Shanon for private support in a closed space. You deserve support as you heal, and I am here to help. You don’t have to heal alone.

On the Journey Peer Support Monthly Package

As a part of this monthly support program you will gain access to all Survivor’s Circle Peer Support group support sessions every month as well as individual 1:1 peer support sessions with Shanon each month. 

Hi, I am Shanon

I am a trauma informed, trained, and Certified Peer Support Specialist in the state of Wisconsin. I am also a survivor with years committed to my own trauma healing after being diagnosed with (C) PTSD due to childhood abuse. Additionally, I have a professional and personal history of community facilitation and peer work.

I specialize in helping survivors like you make connections between real time experiences and past trauma wounds, identify and communicate boundaries, create self-care plans that work, navigate big emotions and trauma responses, reparent your inner child, and embody your own self-worth through the healing process with confidence and personal empowerment.

These support groups and 1:1 peer support sessions should not replace professional therapy; they will however provide additional support and information.


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