Journal Prompts: Anger

Journaling is a doorway inward. 

Focused journaling/writing is one of my primary practices in my healing journey. Of course the occasional unfettered dump into my diary is necessary, but when I began to combine my love of writing with the focused intention of personal exploration and processing, I found a powerful tool. 

Be sure to check in with yourself as you write and step away if you need a break. Wishing you strength as you heal, and happy writing. 

Journal Prompts

  • Write about how anger shows up for you and where you notice it in your body.
  • Reflect on situations where you have become angry, what made you upset? Write about the similarities and themes of a couple experiences and look for connections to the trigger being activated. Can you identify it?
  • How do you speak to yourself when you are angry? Write out some of the things you say to yourself in moments of anger. Would you speak to a friend processing anger this way? If not, write down things you would say to support a friend and practice them out loud with yourself.
  • Have you ever been ashamed, embarrassed, or frightened when you felt angry ? Write about an experience. As you write and reflect, ask yourself: did you shame yourself, or was it another person who made you feel ashamed? Does this feel similar to any childhood experiences? Explore any connections you find.
  • What helps you feel better when you are angry? Make a small list of activities or items that bring you comfort and help calm your down.

I hope these prompts help you lean in and explore your thoughts, emotions, responses, and your connection to your body. 

On goes the journey ðŸ’ªðŸ”¥


Looking for ways to connect with other survivors and/or receive support as you heal?

 Survivor’s Circle Peer Support Groups might be just what you need.

These small groups meet on alternating days of the week via Zoom. In these groups, survivors connect, share, and support each other through the ebbs and flows of healing. Attend a session and experience the magical healing that happens when survivors connect and support each other through shit only we can understand.

Hi, I am Shanon 

I am a trauma informed, trained, and Certified Peer Support Specialist in the state of Wisconsin. I am also a survivor with years committed to my own trauma healing after being diagnosed with (C) PTSD due to childhood abuse. Additionally, I have a professional and personal history of community facilitation and peer work.

I specialize in helping survivors like you make connections between real time experiences and past trauma wounds, identify and communicate boundaries, create self-care plans that work, navigate big emotions and trauma responses, reparent your inner child, and embody your own self-worth through the healing process with confidence and personal empowerment.

These support groups and 1:1 peer support sessions should not replace professional therapy; they will however provide additional support and information.

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