Meet Shanon

My name is Shanon. I am the mother of two beautiful children, the wife to an amazing man, and a writer. I am also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

What Brought Me Here

At the age of 37, it suddenly hit me – I had spent over 20 years of my life in dissociation from the realities of my childhood. Over the span of those years I lived in a comfortably numb bubble.

That all changed a few years ago. I suddenly found myself spiraling as memories swept over me and my symptoms of Complex PTSD began to present in full force. 

In crisis mode, I sought the care of a counselor and began, using EMDR and CBT techniques to help me cope as I began to understand what I was experiencing.

It was time to process and heal. I don’t believe people realize just how difficult an injury C-PTSD is to live with and to heal.

My Hopes for Surviving Childhood Trauma

My goal with the online community and site is to create a safe space for survivors of childhood trauma and abuse to find understanding, validation, and support. I also want to provide a platform and the support needed for survivors to share their stories and speak their truth which is why I started Survivors Speak LIVE.

Using my own childhood wounds, my own struggles with Cptsd, and my healing journey as a guide, I am sharing my story as candidly so I can give purpose to my own pain, comfort to those who feel similar, and a front row seat to our allies.

I hope you find some comfort in the words I have written on this site. I hope when you leave here, you know you are not alone. 

On goes the journey …


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