Meet Shanon

Hi! My name is Shanon. I am the mother of two beautiful children, the wife to an amazing man, and a writer.

I am also a Certified Peer Specialist in the state of Wisconsin and survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

I specialize in helping survivors like you make connections between real time experiences and past trauma wounds, identify and communicate boundaries, create self-care plans that work, navigate big emotions and trauma responses, reparent your inner child, and embody your own self-worth through the healing process with confidence and personal empowerment.

What Brought Me Here

I began my healing journey just six short years ago at the age of 37. That is when I received my (complex) PTSD diagnosis. Since then I have been on a journey of self discovery and empowerment as I unpack the trauma of my childhood and heal myself into the life that I deserve.

In 2020, I found my way onto social media sharing my story, my struggles, and my successes. As I shared and connected with survivors around the world, I realized how powerful it is to connect around shared life experienced and I realized that supporting you on your healing journey is what I am meant to do.

In 2022 I applied into the Wisconsin Peer Support Employment Initiative’s Certified Peer Support Specialist training and after a multi-step interview process was accepted. I completed my trauma informed training and took my state exam scoring a 100% and earning my state certification presented by them in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

My Hopes for Surviving Childhood Trauma

My goal with the online community is to create a safe space for survivors of childhood trauma and abuse to find the support they need.

Through the Survivor’s Circle Peer Support Group for trauma survivors and 1:1 peer support sessions I will walk with you and will create a space for you to unpack and process your childhood with someone who understands.

With my website I also want to provide a platform needed for survivors to share their stories and speak their truth which is why I started Survivors Speak Series.

Using my own childhood wounds, my own struggles with Complex PTSD and my healing journey as a guide, I am sharing my story as candidly so I can give purpose to my own pain, comfort to those who feel similar, and a front row seat to our allies.

In addition, I hope to provide the safe space of understanding to all survivors that I work with.

I hope you find some comfort in the words I have written on this site. I hope when you leave here, you know you are not alone. 

You don’t have to heal alone, I am here to walk with you!

On goes the journey


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