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This is Me (video)
My Story: A Childhood of Abuse, Neglect, and Fear

Watch my LIVE Instagram Interview where I share my story and discuss the affects of childhood sexual abuse in my life.

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 Trauma Healing and Processing

These posts will give you glimpses of day-to-day living with C-PTSD. My struggles, my celebrations, all the lessons I am learning along the way:

Parenting after Trauma

It is hard to parent after a childhood of trauma. There are many of us parents out there struggling not to project our baggage while trudging through the chaos of our children causing triggered responses.


Childhood Memories

As you read this series you will travel with me through very specific childhood memories. Many of them fragmented and scattered across the timeline of my childhood out of order. Some of them good; some the real-life narrative of an abused and terrified little girl:

Therapy and Self-Care

Here you will find posts that cover everything therapy related as well as tips and advice for self-care as I learn through trial and error.

Follow my Therapy Dump Series and get a front row seat to my weekly counseling sessions.

Look through all of my weekly Journal Prompts post

Monthly Goals

Other Writing

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Be a part of the Survivors Speak Interview Series which is dedicated to amplifying the voices of Survivors of childhood trauma by providing a platform to share truth through our stories. If you would like to participate in this interview series and share your story submit your information.

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