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Dear Diary

Dear Diary is the reason for this blog, the foundation of what motivates me to write and share. In this series of posts, you will journey with me in real-time as I process my trauma and navigate PTSD:

Childhood Memories

As you read this series you will travel with me through different childhood memories. Many of them fragmented and scattered across the timeline of my childhood out of order. Some of them good; some the real-life narrative of an abused and terrified little girl.


Therapy, Treatment Techniques, and Coping

In this series of posts, I reflect on the things I am learning in therapy. As I move into my second year of EMDR therapy coupled with CBT therapy read as I share techniques, therapy practices, and coping/self-care tips for those living with PTSD due to trauma:

EMDR & PTSD Mini-Series:


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