Dissociation & Trauma: When Awareness Hits Mid-Life (Video)

I've been in my emotions a bit this week. Not necessarily in a bad way - just receptive to what they are telling me, accepting of their space in my journey. One of the things I have been reflective of recently has been my years of mental and emotional dissociation. 20 years of disconnection creating... Continue Reading →

From the Ashes

It's surreal.I walk the streets that were once so familiar -my eyes burning from the smoke as a it rises from the ashes.A decades old skyline, forever changed.And what of the people on these streets?These people watching their leadership fail them as their community members are tear gassed,pepper sprayed,and gunned down.You know, they call him... Continue Reading →

A New Day

With the ding of my phone,the wait has ended. One month and one week.Granted, communication is between siblings right now,but it is good to hear his voice through the speaker.My very soul feels a small weight released. Healing has no predetermined course.As I accept his journey is his own,I find my own path is becoming... Continue Reading →

Depression Has Cost Me

What a week it has been.I've practically walked away from writing.Not because I have nothing to say,I'm just exhausted. And when I am this tired words fail me.They bounce around in my head,but my ability to put them to paper in some sort of clear senseis gone.Lethargy,disconnection,depression,no motivation,everything left to sit undoneregardless of importance. That... Continue Reading →

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