Painful Realizations

This morning I started writing about somethingother than this.I had an itinerary for the day,and I was right on schedule.Now, how to describe this feeling?What words best fitthat pivotal moment when things changed today.Triggered?Trauma Response?Flight Mode?Any, or all perhaps.My focus is lost,and exhaustion has set in.It happened so quickly I wasn't able to properly brace myself.It... Continue Reading →


Imprinted with Grief

Sometimes the sadnessis so think in my lungs,so visceral through my body. How much loss can one heart carry?At what point will it finally shatterinto so many piecesthey never fit back together? How much rejection can one soul bearbefore it is scarred forever?Imprinted with grief,beaten down,unable to recharge. It feels like it will always be... Continue Reading →

The Darkness

There is a dark hole at the center of my core. Its pull magnetic, unrelenting, dangerous.  A hole burned into my essence by abusive and violent hands, words of belittlement, and betrayals unimaginable.  A hole so deep the bottom is an illusion, filled with sadness,  with rage,  and with the stolen innocence of a young girl.  A hole echoing with the shame, embarrassment, and self-hatred of a lost child. A continuously... Continue Reading →

Blurred Lines

She’s so scared right now, the little girl inside. She feels betrayed, hurt, and angry. She wants moral justice for her pain. How quickly life lost direction. She is panicked, frenzied. Her feelings are bleeding through. Breaking the surface, becoming my own. The woman: Held captive by the chaos of the little girl’s responses. Living... Continue Reading →

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