“Featured Resource” Promotion Guidelines

Whether you are new, up and coming, or published multiple times – I appreciate that you have reached out to me to review your book as a possible tool that my audience will find valuable. 

Surviving Childhood Trauma is a rapidly growing community of survivors coming together from all corners of the world online to provide resource and support to each other as they navigate healing after childhood abuse and trauma. With weekly LIVE stream shows, daily content, survivors stories, tips & resources, and branded merchandise this safe space is becoming a place survivors know they can trust.

Given my commitments, I am not able to review every book requested so I make review decisions on the basis of what my audience is most likely to find interesting and helpful.

Please read through the following process and complete the necessary steps for consideration as a Featured Resource:

  1. Send your book to:
    Surviving Childhood Trauma
    Attn: Shanon
    P.O. Box 580173
    Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158
  2. In the package with the book include the following:
    • Your Instagram handle
    • Your email address
    • Any other links you are interested in having promoted
    • A summary of your inspiration behind the book and at least two quotes from your story that you believe I need to read.
  3. Answer the following questions:
    1. How will your book help my audience of trauma survivors level up their healing?
    2. What skills for coping with childhood trauma/mental health will they learn from you and your story?
    3. What makes you uniquely qualified to teach my audience? 

If I select your book for promotion as a Featured Resource you can expect the following from me:

  1. A book review on Amazon
  2. A 24 hour promotion in my IG & Facebook Stories with links to your book for purchase and direction for my audience to find you.
  3. Static link to your book on the Surviving Childhood Trauma website in the book review & recommendation section.
  4. Possible selection to join me LIVE with my audience to discuss your book.

**Due to the volume of requests I get and the sensitive nature of my audience, submission of your book for review does not guarantee it will be Featured.**


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