Hear Me Speak

It is always such a pleasure to connect with other survivors and with allies who are raising awareness of complex PTSD. Having these discussions, normalizing the healing process from childhood abuse and trauma, and sharing my story as I go is my passion.

It is my purpose in life.

It is part of my healing journey.

Below you will find links to the numerous interviews and discussions I have been so lucky to be a part of. These connections have been a pivotal part of my healing and an empowering tool to have in my tool kit.

If you would like to request me to speak at your event or on your podcast, please visit THIS LINK and I will respond to your request.

Bachpan-Save The Innocence

Instagram LIVE #1 – My Story of Abuse

Instagram LIVE #2 – About Surviving Childhood Trauma


The Relational Healing Podcast with Dr. Tanner Wallace

The Value of Joining a Survivors’ Community – a discussion


DeShaming with Pamela Clark

Podcast: My Story


The Lovely Ladies of Scorpio Rising Productions

Diva Talk on Youtube


Chained to the Devil with Ralph

My interview on his podcast

The Adult Child Podcast with Andrea

My Interview on her podcast


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