A Look at My Hobby: Papercrafting

Card-making fast became a hobby that I emerged myself in. It was relatively inexpensive to start up and the benefits have been many.

I have felt multiple personal rewards, which you can read about here. I’ve also sold some of them to friends and acquaintances.

Win, win.


I purchased the Sizzix Sidekick Starter Kit to save money – but I wish I had purchased the Sizzix 660425 Big Shotfor a few bucks more so I am not limited to 2’5” design cuts.

Scrap Book paper – click to purchase $11.50
Tim Holtz Stamp Platform – absolutely necessary is you want to make sets of cards, or the same card multiple times. This stamp platform allows you to re-stamp if you have ink issues. Click to purchase for $26.50
Clear Stamps – click to purchase $9.99

Paper cutter – Fiskars Portable Paper Trimmer


Stamping Blocks – 5 Pieces Acrylic Stamping Blocks(This isn’t the exact set of stamping blocks that I purchased – but it’s actually more bang for your buck.)


Stamps (here are the clear stamps I have purchased):


Purchase for $5.99


You will also  need card stock paper, envelopes, and scrapbook paper which I recommend going to your local craft store for, but if you want online convenience you can get it online too at the following links for:

Card Stock Paper, Envelopes, and Scrapbook paper.

As you browse all these links, you will find that I have barley touched the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to paper crafting supplies.

And if you do decide to explore paper crafting, check out Pinterest and YouTube for additional information, ideas, and also for tutorials if you don’t feel like just diving into the deep end like I did. 😊

I wish you the best as you venture out into finding a hobby that suits you best.


Closing Comments

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Scrapbook Paper – Click to purchase $5.88

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