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  1. You are right, there is no time limit on healing, and I think we are never really done. At least I am not done yet, after a loooong time healing.
    And that’s ok.
    After some time we realize that we are still healing, but already healthier than most people around us. They never really felt the urgent need to do something bout their emotional health… You are moving, evolving, and most people do not. Take care.

  2. I haven’t thought about urgency before. I do feel that often. Urgency for something to be over, urgency to get somewhere else, urgency for my family to come back safely… It makes sense, wanting to return to safety.

  3. Chronic childhood abuse wires our brains differently, normal people have no idea what we endure

    Such a sad story, it seems to be told over and over.

    Seems like with all the advancements in science and technology and information about raising kids, we should do much better

    Rereading the body keeps the score, this stood out:

    The disappearance of medial prefrontal activation could explain why so many traumatized people lose their sense of purpose and direction.

    The lack of self-awareness in victims of chronic childhood trauma is sometimes so profound that they cannot recognize themselves in a mirror.

    So we have a hard time with trust and purpose,

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