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Thank you for your support. Your patronage allows Surviving Childhood Trauma to continue raising awareness of Complex PTSD due to childhood trauma and abuse as well as provide needed peer support for trauma survivors as they heal.

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Thank you for supporting me and my mission to raise awareness of Complex PTSD


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It never occurred to me that there was so much power and healing in sharing my story with others. Finding myself on this healing path and having it evolve into a platform of support and connection has been the most beautiful thing I have every experienced.

Doing this work is very rewarding, but it also takes time and commitment. Please help me continue to give this time and commitment to our community, we all deserve to heal!

Thank you for taking your support to the next level and contributing to the work that I do here. I am passionate about Peer Support & Advocacy for Survivors and honored to do this work and journey with you.

What is in it for You?

A whole lot of support, validation, and resource.

As a Monthly Contributor you get access to me, to a private Facebook group, and to all site content and select premium content across all Surviving Childhood Trauma platforms which includes LIVE shows on Instagram.

I promise to show up daily to share the ups and downs of my healing journey, my reflections, and the lessons I learn along the way. I promise to walk this path with you so that you feel a little less alone.

And I am grateful for your support so that I can continue to focus on this important work for our community.

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Thank you for being a part of my journey.


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