Survivors Speak Series

The Survivors Speak Series on Surviving Childhood Trauma is a platform created to give survivors of childhood abuse and trauma a platform and a safe space to share your story and be heard.

There are two ways you can share your story – select the method you prefer and submit to participate:

Share Your Story LIVE

Join me LIVE from the Surviving Childhood Trauma IGTV Channel on Instagram and share your story as part of the Survivors Speak LIVE Show by submitting the form below:

example: @survivingchildhoodtrauma
Your confidentiality and trust mean a lot to me. I will not share, sell, or spam your email.

Share Your Story in Writing on the Surviving Childhood Trauma Website

Other Resources at Surviving Childhood Trauma

One-time donation

Support Surviving Childhood Trauma and our mission to spread awareness of the effects of childhood sexual abuse. Give a small donation.



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