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Welcome My Friend – I am glad you are here.

Sharing your story is a powerful part of your healing journey. It helps you find and reclaim your voice and it helps others who are trying to find there’s. It lets us all know that we are not alone when we can connect through shared lived experiences.

The Survivors Speak Series is dedicated to amplifying the voices of survivors of childhood trauma by providing a safe platform to share you truth through your story.

To share your story in writing on the Surviving Childhood Trauma website please fill out the interview form below or copy and paste your story into the box provided at the bottom. At the end of the form you can chose to share under your name, or anonymously.

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Looking for Ways to Connect With Other Survivors and/or Receive Support as You Heal?

Survivor’s Circle Peer Support Groups might be just what you need. 

These small groups meet on alternating Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays via Zoom. In these groups, survivors connect, share, and support each other through the ebbs and flows of healing. Attend a session or purchase an All-Access Pass and experience the magical healing that happens when survivors connect and support each other through shit only we can understand.

You can also book individual 1:1 peer support sessions with Shanon for private support in a closed space. You deserve support as you heal, and I am here to help. You don’t have to heal alone.

Shanon is a trauma informed, trained, and Certified Peer Support Specialist in the state of Wisconsin. She is a survivor with years committed to her own trauma healing after being diagnosed with (C) PTSD due to childhood abuse. Additionally, she has a professional and personal history of community facilitation and peer work.

These support groups and 1:1 peer support sessions should not replace professional therapy; they will however provide additional support and information.

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