I Already Want Today to be Over

I didn't sleep well last night.I am so exhausted.Neither did my little one.There is no denying the connection she and I have.I swear the nights I am fitful, so is she.I won't deny I am grateful to not be alone in those moments.Awake and tossing, we finally settle back to sleep after maybe an hour... Continue Reading →


Blurred Lines

She’s so scared right now, the little girl inside. She feels betrayed, hurt, and angry. She wants moral justice for her pain. How quickly life lost direction. She is panicked, frenzied. Her feelings are bleeding through. Breaking the surface, becoming my own. The woman: Held captive by the chaos of the little girl’s responses. Living... Continue Reading →


I've been fighting lethargy all day, thinking about wanting to write but not really having the motivation. That has actually been the theme of my year - thinking about what I want to do but not really having the strength (mentally or physically) to do it. Don't get me wrong - I've had many successes... Continue Reading →

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