Survivors Speak (anonymous) – “Silenced

Read the stories of Childhood Trauma Survivors in their own words as they share their pain, their resilience, and their hope.


Blurred Lines

She’s so scared right now, the little girl inside. She feels betrayed, hurt, and angry. She wants moral justice for her pain. How quickly life lost direction. She is panicked, frenzied. Her feelings are bleeding through. Breaking the surface, becoming my own. The woman: Held captive by the chaos of the little girl’s responses. Living... Continue Reading →

Honesty Heals: recognizing when the past and present meet

Ironic  I laughed at the irony when my writing prompt this morning said to write about what happiness means to me.  Happiness has been fleeting for the last few days. It peaks its head occasionally, but in general – I have felt irritated and emotional.  It started over a week ago with a facebook notification and has been compiled by... Continue Reading →

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