A Tormented Mind

My mind, tormented and fatigued by memories. Memories that won’t stop coming. Launched from the darkness of a locked cavern deep within, straight into my mind’s eye clearly as the day it happened. My soul is worn and tired. My heart fragmented and aching. A childhood of abuse; the details once lost in time, and... Continue Reading →

My Inner Child

Unworthy; Irrelevant; Damaged; Unlovable; Unwanted. She's weeping; the beautifully broken little girl, inside me. ~~~~~ Thank you for reading, if you enjoyed this post don’t forget to click like, and then follow my blog. Please stop by and check out the essential oils that I use for coping and the books that I reference for... Continue Reading →

A Flower Blooms

So young; shy; quiet; her voice often lost on the wind. Reserved; withdrawn; lonely; her feelings often ignored. Broken; imperfect; defeated; her sense of self only an essence of what she could have been. Now, like a blooming flower, with the sunlight touching her soul; she will come back to life and recovery will begin.... Continue Reading →

The Woods

I must leave a trail, an escape, a way back to safety. Just like Hansel and Gretel, I will leave a trail of crumbs. Still, they were caught by the witch. Their trail did not work. Safety did not exist. I know that witches are not real. But monsters are. In human form. Upstanding in... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Silence

I open my mouth to speak, no sound comes out. My young mind, a whirlwind of thoughts, and emotions. I want to scream, anything to break the silence. This silence is so deafening, and dangerous. Intentional, encouraged, it destroys pieces of my soul. Protect him, the secrets, the lies, the facade of a perfect family.... Continue Reading →

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