I Already Want Today to be Over

I didn't sleep well last night.I am so exhausted.Neither did my little one.There is no denying the connection she and I have.I swear the nights I am fitful, so is she.I won't deny I am grateful to not be alone in those moments.Awake and tossing, we finally settle back to sleep after maybe an hour... Continue Reading →


It Was His Choice to Make

The losses just keep coming.The hurt that comes with.The constantly echoing "WHY?"keeps bouncing around in my head. I don’t even know how to explain the kind of week, hell - month that I have had. The punches keep coming and I keep wondering how many more I can take before I can’t punch back anymore.... Continue Reading →

Motherless Daughter

What an unfair world it is, that takes a mother from her child at birth. Leaving a baby girl without the love, warmth, and protection, only a mother can give. No goodnight kisses, no snuggles on the couch, no cooking lessons, or shoulders to cry on. I'll never hear her advice about boys, makeup, or... Continue Reading →

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