Emotional Tug-of-War

Travel back in time with me.First we’ll jump a week or so -and then back another 15 years. The tension was thick.We were just a couple years reconnectedafter 7 years of estrangementthat was dripping with betrayal, loss, disappointment, and grief. But I was trying. He’d call every once in awhile,mostly we talked through email.Always about the most mundane... Continue Reading →

It Was His Choice to Make

The losses just keep coming.The hurt that comes with.The constantly echoing "WHY?"keeps bouncing around in my head. I don’t even know how to explain the kind of week, hell - month that I have had. The punches keep coming and I keep wondering how many more I can take before I can’t punch back anymore.... Continue Reading →

Motherless Daughter

What an unfair world it is,that takes a mother from her child,at birth. Leaving a baby girlwithout the love,warmth,and protection, of her mother’s touch. No goodnight kisses,no snuggles on the couch,no cooking lessons,or shoulders to cry on. I'll never hear her advice about boys,makeup,or hair. What was her favorite color,her favorite song,her favorite movie? All... Continue Reading →

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