Survivors Speak LIVE – Ray’s Story

Read the stories of Childhood Trauma Survivors in their own words as they share their pain, their resilience, and their hope

Depression Has Cost Me

What a week it has been.I've practically walked away from writing.Not because I have nothing to say,I'm just exhausted. And when I am this tired words fail me.They bounce around in my head,but my ability to put them to paper in some sort of clear senseis gone.Lethargy,disconnection,depression,no motivation,everything left to sit undoneregardless of importance. That... Continue Reading →

Life Doesn’t Stop

A quick update on me - I'm struggling with depression, a lot. Worse than it has been in many months. However, I am also working on a higher level of awareness then before as my healing continues. Because of that, I feel more in control of my depression than I have in the past. I... Continue Reading →

Emotional Tug-of-War

Travel back in time with me.First we’ll jump a week or so -and then back another 15 years. The tension was thick.We were just a couple years reconnectedafter 7 years of estrangementthat was dripping with betrayal, loss, disappointment, and grief. But I was trying. He’d call every once in awhile,mostly we talked through email.Always about the most mundane... Continue Reading →

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