A Tormented Mind

My mind, tormented and fatigued by memories. Memories that won’t stop coming. Launched from the darkness of a locked cavern deep within, straight into my mind’s eye clearly as the day it happened. My soul is worn and tired. My heart fragmented and aching. A childhood of abuse; the details once lost in time, and... Continue Reading →



It was just sitting on the kitchen table; no one around to tell me not to touch it. How curious an object, my young mind was alert with the possibilities. How little I must have been, 7 maybe 8 - of course, I grabbed it! Soldering irons are normally kept anywhere from 500° to 700°... Continue Reading →

A New Memory

Another new memory. Well, maybe more like a new connection. The memory itself I feel like I have remembered before, my money says in flashback form, but the actual connection and perspective of the memory - yeah, that was new. I have no idea what triggered it; it just hijacked me while I was driving... Continue Reading →


Flashbacks. Unexpected, uninvited. They take over my mind, and my body. They touch the very core of my being, where emotion is so raw, and rob me of precious moments in the present. Images flash in my mind pulling me back in time, my senses alert, I feel it all ... fear; shame; helplessness; how... Continue Reading →

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