4 Ways Connecting with Other Survivors Helps Me Cope with Childhood Abuse

When I started writing this blog about my trauma, I envisioned it as a landing pad for all the crazy emotions, thoughts, memories, nightmares, and anxiety I am dealing with. That was it; short-sighted, huh? It is hard work trying to process and simultaneously integrate the reality of my childhood into my everyday life; a... Continue Reading →

The Woods

I must leave a trail,an escape,a way back to safety. Just likeHansel and Gretel,I will leave a trail of crumbs. Still, they were caught by the witch. Their trail did not work.Safety did not exist.I know that witches are not real.But monsters are. In human form.Upstanding in their communities,family men,with integrity. HA!! Is it irony,or... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Silence

I open my mouth to speak,no sound comes out.My young mind,a whirlwind of thoughts,and emotions.I want to scream,anything to breakthe silence. This silence is so deafening,so dangerous.Intentional,encouraged,it destroys pieces of my soul. Protect him;the secrets,the lies,the facade of a perfect family. Under the surface,evil,darkness,forbidden pleasure.A child’s bodyso young,so innocent. Years pass,secrets uncovered,lies untold,the perfect family... Continue Reading →


Glorious. What my childhood could have been, should have been, but was not. Family vacations, weekend bar-b-ques, with photo albums full of happy memories, these things did not exist. Sadness, loss, grief, shame, I have plenty. Glorious. Oh, how it could have been, how it should have been … Instead, nightmares, silence, fear, betrayal, loneliness,... Continue Reading →


Flashbacks. Unexpected, uninvited. They take over my mind, and my body. They touch the very core of my being, where emotion is so raw, and rob me of precious moments in the present. Images flash in my mind pulling me back in time, my senses alert, I feel it all ... fear; shame; helplessness; how... Continue Reading →

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