Therapy Dump Series

Come along with me each week as I spill the beans on my therapy sessions. All the whats, whys, and hows of CBT therapy integrated with EMDR. Every Wednesday after my session, I immediately take to my computer and reflect on our discussions, my emotions, and my progress.

New posts every Friday Evening by 10pm CST

Therapy Dump #1 – 5/20/2020
Therapy Dump #2 – Emergency Session 5/23/2020
Therapy Dump #3 – 5/27/2020
Therapy Dump #4 – 6/03/2020
Therapy Dump #5 “I’m So Tired” – 6/10/2020
Therapy Dump #6 “The Extinction Burst” – 6/17/2020
Therapy Dump #7 “The Unload” – 6/24/2020
Therapy Dump #8 – “The Level Up – 7/1/2020
Therapy Dump #9 – No Session – 7/9/2020
Therapy Dump #10 – Transformations – 7/15/2020
Therapy Dump #11 – Sadness – 7/22/2020
Therapy Dump #12 – The Inner Child? 7/29/2020
Therapy Dump #13 – 13 Points! A Fitting Title – 8/5/2020
Therapy Dump #14 – Energy Dip – 8/12/2020
Therapy Dump #15 – Four Weeks in One – 9/9/2020
Therapy Dump #16 – I See What is Happening – 9/16/2020
Therapy Dump #17: Acceptance & Emotions – 9/23/2020
Therapy Dump #18 – Facing Off With Bargaining


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