Survivor’s Circle: Virtual Peer Support Groups

Childhood Trauma & Abuse causes relational wounds that can only be healed in safe relationships. It it my honor to provide a space for connection, understanding, and relational healing.

Join me for Survivor’s Circle Virtual Peer Support Groups. These groups will be facilitated on Zoom so that as an attendee you have the ability to turn your camera off and just listen if that is what makes you feel safe.

During every session you will hear a few words from me on the session topic and then I will open the floor and facilitate a group discussion. Afterwards, we will close each session with a breathing exercise to bring us all back to ourselves.

These sessions are not meant to take the place of professional help, however a survivor community is pivotal to trauma healing and recovery. These sessions are donation based with a suggested donation of $7 per meeting but please give what you can.

I welcome you all and I cannot wait to meet you.

Meeting are held in Central Standard Time, USA – Time Zone Converter


Upcoming Peer Support Sessions

August Groups

Every session is assigned a topic to help us focus our throughts and discuss the challenges of living with Complex PTSD in the aftermath of childhood abuse and trauma. However, those topics are not obligatory – please come to group with whatever you need to speak about. Is is a safe space to unpack the discomfort and seek comfort and resource.

Through the month of July our focus top is boundaries: the lack of boundaries we grew up with , the way we struggle to recognize the boundaries we need, and then when we do – the challenge of expressing them and implementing them with. This month we will explore our doubts, share our discomforts, and help each other understand and communicate the boundaries we need to heal.

Aug 4th & Aug 6th

What is Co-Dependency and Emotional Enmeshment

Aug 11th & Aug 13th

What is Inner Child Work and How do I do it?

Aug 18th & Aug 20th

Exploring what Healthy Relationships Look Like

Aug 25th & Aug 27th

The Challenge of Mindfulness & Acting with Intention



Suggested donation of $7 per group meeting

$7 per group session – suggested donation

Thank you for supporting the work I do through your small contribution. The suggested donation is $7 per session but please feel free to give what you can, or more if you would like. I appreciate your support.


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These groups are facilitated in Central Standard Time, USA : TIME ZONE CONVERTER

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