Weekly Content Calendar

One thing I have learned as I heal, is that consistency is something I appreciate very much. I can’t control everything in my life, so I try to be mindful of what I can. With that in mind, as I continue to share the raw moments of my journey as I heal my childhood trauma – I also want to provide information that can be counted on.

Each week as I share my healing process, you can count on the following topics as you travel with me through the ups and downs of C-PTSD. I can’t always promise when and what I will share as life ebbs and flows, but I can promise this:

  • Sunday: no scheduled posts
  • Monday: In Other People’s Words – a quote for the week 
  • Tuesday: a self-care tip or trick
  • Wednesday: my Therapy Dump from the evenings counseling appointment
  • Thursday: Survivors Speak Interview
  • Friday: Pieces of Poetry, whether mine or someone else. 
  • Saturday: journal prompts for the week to come

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Share your Story!

Be a part of the Survivors Speak Interview Series which is dedicated to amplifying the voices of Survivors of childhood trauma by providing a platform to share truth through our stories. If you would like to participate in this interview series and share your story submit your information.

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