Journal Prompts for Trauma Healing

Journal Prompts – Every Saturday

Daily Guided Journal Prompt Sheets

Keep track of your daily symptoms of Complex PTSD; rate your mood, commit to self-care off the list of suggestions, and use the guided prompts to journal the basics of every day. Documenting your healing journey is a gift you give yourself every day.

Purchase once and you can save and print these sheets as often as you need.


14-Day Self-Reflection Challenge

For me, the most meaningful thing we can do as we heal is encourage ourselves to do some focused self-reflection. I welcome anyone to write along with me, or begin this challenge on your own.

Read along for my 14-day writing challenge:

  1. 10 things that make you happy – It’s the Little Things
  2. Write about something that someone told you about yourself that you didn’t know – The Continuity of Life as a Trauma Survivor
  3. 5 Ways to win your Heart – My Husband: My Best Friend
  4. Something that you struggle with – Self-Care Just Doesn’t Feel Natural
  5. Words of wisdom that speak to you – You Just Have to Lean into it
  6. Write about something you feel strongly about – Stop Making it Political: Society and Sexual Violation
  7. Something you always think “what if” about – Finding myself, Without her
  8. Write about 5 blessings in your life – Things that Bring Me Strength
  9. 5 Movies you can watch over and over, and why – My Top 5 Musicals
  10. Write about something or someone that you miss – Hindsight is often 20/20
  11. 3 lessons you want your children or friends to learn from you – 3 Lessons Trauma Helps me Teach my Children
  12. What are one or two highs and lows from your month – Ramblings during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  13. 5 Goals you have for the next 30 days – My Goals for May
  14. Write a letter to someone – Dear Fellow Trauma Survivors

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